Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome and Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in cooperation with Joint Efforts Agency (Ruslan Rokhov) conducted a roundtable “Regional Development and Industrial Policy: Experience of Romania”.

Emil Boc, a renowned statesman and politician, was invited as a keynote speaker. He has held a position of Prime Minister of Romania for five years and was elected four times as mayor of the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, gaining over 76% of the electoral votes.

Unique experience, highly distinguished expertise, clear and comprehensive vision and true example of political leadership! In particular, Emil Bock focused on:

  • FISCAL DISCIPLINE. In “the good times” do not spend all the money, but to reduce the state budget deficit and to create development funds for “the hard times”.
  • FOCUS ON JOBS CREATION. This is the only thing that matters. Creation of jobs with due salaries is the best form of social protection. Neither subsidies, nor social protection benefits but foremost jobs and salaries enable population to take care of themselves. With this purpose the state should invest in the infrastructure, establish fiscal incentives, and give a financial support to entrepreneurship development.
  • DISTINCT PRIORITIES. The state should determine the key areas for “breakthrough” and vigorously develop national economy. Infrastructure, manufacturing, and innovations are universal Tourism and other sectors can be added “to taste”.
  • LOCAL GOVERNANCE. Free up energy of regional development, open up the potential of local communities, provide for attractive “rules of game” and incentives for local development. Investment does not come into the country but rather into the specific sector or region. Bottom-up state development approach is the top performance of public management.

Emil Bock’s in-depth insights are particularly pertinent for Ukraine today and agree with the mission of the Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome. We will do our best to implement them into life!