The Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome prepares analytical reports and policy papers on Ukraine on its own initiative and on request of its partners for the Club of Rome, international organizations, business associations, government of Ukraine and other countries.

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The Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome elaborated a fundamental policy paper “Strategic Paper on Economic Development and Eco-Social Market Economy in Ukraine” demonstrating that Ukraine’s adapting of the European eco-social market economy model to suit its specific needs in the framework of the European integration process will crucially increase Ukraine’s competitiveness. Therefore it should become a milestone of Ukraine’s development strategy in 21st century.

A huge gap between the current situation of Ukraine and its potential can be ascribed to a lack of deliberate targeted socio-economic strategy and policy aimed to its realization.

Due to its human, natural, infrastructural and other resource potential, Ukraine should be able to bridge this gap through a targeted, holistic and long-term approach striving for sustainable, well-balanced and qualitative economic growth, its socially fair distribution, and socially effective use.