The Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome together with the Kyiv International Economic Forum are co-organizing Young Scientists Conference “Economic Future of Ukraine” at the Kyiv Cinema Hall in Kyiv, Ukraine on March 30, 2018.

A great Ukrainian, the late Honorary Member of the Club of Rome Bohdan Hawrylyshyn used to say: “Young people will change Ukraine!” We wholly share this idea and do our best to implement it in life.

The conference will bring together around 350 economics students and professors from leading Ukrainian universities and will focus on the subjects of new economic policy and entrepreneurship development. Our mission is to help young Ukrainian talents to become architects of a better economic and social reality. To give valuable guidelines to budding scientists and to unite their energy around the ideas of sustainable and socially oriented economic growth.

Invited speakers: about 15 prominent international and Ukrainian economists, scientists, successful entrepreneurs and manufacturers.

International keynote speakers of the Conference:

Anders Wijkman (Sweden)  –  Co-President of the Club of Rome

Erik Reinert (Norway)   founder of the Other Canon Foundation, Chair of the Consultative Council at the Center for Market Economy (CMD-Ukraine), Ph.D.

Garry Jacobs (USA) – Full Member of the Club of Rome, Chairman of the Board and CEO of World University Consortium, CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science, Ph.D.



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